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What is Comenius project and to who it is addressed?


  SOCRATES program  constitutes essential part of strategy of European Union for the education. The sector that concerns the School Education is supported by activity COMENIUS. It is addressed in the schools of Linked Europe. They can also participate schools from Central and Eastern Europe. 

Objective of COMENIUS, is the promotion of collaboration in the sector of school education in all the levels (preschool, first degree and secondary). For this aim it provides support in:

  • European educational drawings with multilateral school cooperation.

  • Activities in the sector of cross-cultural education.

  • Inter-country continuous training for teaching and remaining educational personnel.

      The School cooperation aims:

  • in the promotion of collaboration between the school institutions

  • in the encouragement of contacts between the students from different countries and in the promotion of European dimension of their education

  • in the encouragement of mobility teaching

  • in the promotion of improvement of knowledge for the cultures and the languages of European countries

                  The discovery of partners from the schools is realised:

  • With the help of National Agency (for Greece he is the Institution of Government owned Scholarships – ΙΚΥ)

  • Via the mechanism of search of partners in the Internet.

  • Via various meetings in the frames of informative expedition as ph. International seminars.

  • From various networks of schools which already have taken part in the program.

  • From personal contacts and acquaintances.

 Our school, in November 2000 submitted application of search of partners in the web page of EU.Four schools corresponded , which constitute today the partners of the program.




Our partners



Coordinating School

Στείλτε ηλεκτρονικό μήνυμα στο Ιταλικό Σχολείο !





Στείλτε ηλεκτρονικό μήνυμα στο Ισπανικό Σχολείο !




Στείλτε ηλεκτρονικό μήνυμα στο Γερμανικό Σχολείο !




Στείλτε ηλεκτρονικό μήνυμα στο Εσθονικό Σχολείο !


Our subject

Sports and Olympic Games in the history of Europe

The participating schools will deal with:

  •  Research above in the organisation of Olympic Games from the states of participating institutions and rearrangement and presentation of information that was acquired.

  • presentation of the project via:

    • natural education and music (mousikokinitiki ekpedeusi), with use of photographs or films

    • natural education and science  with use test, graphic and signs

    • natural education and social study (sports and dopping) with use written test and diagrams

    • natural education and geography (origin of sports) with use of maps, drawings and photographs

  • presentation of athletic activities and games of particular school or particular region using in writing test, texts, photographs, video, drawings, painting.  



Our activities

School Year 2000 - 2001

Preparatory Visit

  • The coordinator of the project, teacher of  gymnastics in our school, Mrs Zampetaki Leda, realised in January preparatory visit in Italy, where were discussed with the other partners the details of cooperation and were placed the bases of program.
School Year 2001 - 2002

Sports and Olympic Games in Ancient Greece



  • Visit of the partners in our school. The visit was realised in November 2001. The partners visited our school, watched school activities and participated in meeting of work aiming at the planning of action on the befalling school year..

  • Creation of exercise book "Knowning each other" and exchange proportional with the students of schools of partners. The students write certain things for



  • Creation of timetable 2002 on the subject the Olympic Games of Antiquity. It contains drawings of the children with regard to sports.

  • Work visit  in the school partner in Germany of Director of our School Mrs Mathioudaki Maria and the schoolteacher Mrs Koygjtaki Irini. The teachers visited the school, attended the teaching lessons and they  were entertained by the there schoolteachers  and guided to the sightseeing of the city.

  • Manufacture of a model on the subject "ancient Olympia" under the guidance of schoolteacher Mrs Xafi Katerina
  • Team of  our students presented, at the ceremony of beginning of the event "Knosia 2002" in the National Stadium of Heraklion,  the touch of Olympic flame and realised the hoisting of the Olympic flag. 

  • Study and action above in the book "Playing in Ancient Greece". The exceptional publication of Kikladikou Museum  of Art and Institution N. P. Goulandri, gave the opportunity in the students to know the games that the greek children played in Ancient Greece, to manufacture and  play some of them.


               5 - 11 April 2003
Educational meeting in Spain.
The schoolteachers of our school Mrs Zampetaki Lida (coordinator of the project) and Mrs Xafi Ekaterini, visited the Spanish school Alfoz de Llorredo in the Kantavria. They watched the exceptional events of students of school on the subject "The Olympic Game sin the Antiquity". They visited important athletic spaces of the region and participated in the meeting with the colleagues of partner schools (Italy, Germany and Spain), on the subject of the remaining activities of running school year and the planning of action of next year.
School Year 2002 - 2003
School Year 2003 - 2004

28th Olympic Games: ATHENS 2004